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Worth the money

The breakfast was really good.. the common area is also very comfortable.. the beds were just okay.. not too comfortable to climb.. however, the rooms were spacious.. a good option for claustrophobic people.. and the best thing.. they have dogs..

Dreamer32769710757 -

Great host

The place is good and also the food is good. The ambiance and the property is well maintained. The place is away from the bustling street with a couple of tourist attractions nearby. You can ask the reception for local trips as well. All in all it was a great stay and I would recommend.

Go60384027478 -

Cool lads and convenient location

I only stayed one night at Amigos India. Staff is really nice and likes to mingle with clients as if we were friends. Really laid back atmosphere and convenient location near the airport. Rooms are clean. Dogs friendly ! There are 3 in the guesthouse

MaevaM46 -

Amigos India Experience

I was here at Amigos India during nov 2023. I had an amazing experience. The staff and the owner's behaviour is too good. Added bonus is the delicious food served here at a reasonable price. I am currently staying here from last week of February again. The entire vibe of the hostel is peaceful and chill .

Getaway30948606642 -

Terrible services

When I called the hostel I was told the maximum charged would be 650 rs per night but I saw a booking opportunity on MMT so I booked it over there then when I reached to the hostel. They told me that they do not have any vacancy in that dorm and no Refunds were provided. They told me to pay 1000 rs more to even stay in the hostel. I had already paid 750 on MMT so 1000+750= 1750 rs for two nights but even when we conclude that they took 650 per night means I just needed to pay 1300 to them. This hostel is terrible and scamming people constantly.

Road10465004080 -